You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that has lived a more exciting, successful and fulfilling life than Barry Weir. Weir is perhaps best known for the fortune he made in the mobile homes industry with his business Barry Weir Park Homes.

Barry Weir Park Homes was a thriving business for years in the UK and since his retirement in 2007, Barry Weir has become a leading authority on England’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013. To this day, Barry Weir offers consultation and advice on this subject.

The Mobile Homes Act officially went into effect April 1, 2014, and while many didn’t know what to think of it, Barry Weir and the experience he gained while managing Barry Weir Park Homes helped explain to mobile home park site owners that the act would not affect them very much at all. Weir stated that this is because most of these park sites are managed and operated by experienced and honest business personnel.

But Barry Weir Park Homes isn’t the only impressive accomplishment of Weir’s life. His courage and quick response once helped him save a life, which is perhaps the most fulfilling and important feat of his life. It was February 2010 and Barry and his wife were strolling down the beach when Barry noticed a man that was fully dressed in a black suit but playing in the surf. It didn’t take long for Barry Weir to realize that the man needed help. So Barry quickly called for emergency response from the coastguard. But before help could arrive, the man in the suit rolled over in the surf and was lying face down in the sea. That was when Barry, without thinking twice, rushed into the surf to save him despite not being able to swim and the water temperature being -6.0 c.  It took Barry 8 weeks to thaw out from hypothermia but he was awarded the Humane Society bravery award for his efforts.

“It was just second nature, really,” Weir said.

Now, Barry Weir never considered himself much of a religious person. In fact, he would refer to himself as an agnostic when it comes to religious matters. But experiences like saving a life and some things that happened to him in his teens and early thirties certainly made him stop and think about some things.

“As a young teenager I traveled to Cornwall with a friend on holiday,” Weir wrote in “Driving Ambition,” an account of his participation in an around-the-world road rally. “While there we met a group of teenagers renting a caravan. We all went back for coffee and something to eat. You never refuse a free meal!

It was at that time that the teenagers decided to hold a séance with an Ouija board. While performing the séance, the board has a message for Barry.

“In time, you will understand what life is about,” Weir wrote when explaining what the board’s message was to him.

Then, 10 years later, Barry Weir attended another séance, where he received the exact same message from the medium.

“Strange, but true,” Weir wrote.

As if that wasn’t peculiar enough, Weird decided to check out a Spiritual Church out of curiosity when he was in his thirties. Once he began to become skeptical, Barry decided to get up and leave, but just as he stood, the medium pointed to him and said, “In time, you will understand what life is about.”

Despite admittedly not being the most religious person, receiving the same message on three different occasions in his life certainly has Weir’s attention.