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Barry Weir Discusses Rights and Obligations of Park Home Owners

Posted on January 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

For those who no longer require a large family home or who just simply want to downsize and live in a community, owning a park home can be the best choice.

As a successful businessman who made his fortune in the park homes industry, Barry Weir is a leading authority on park homes and the U.K.’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013. Barry Weir is often consulted for his park homes knowledge and is always happy to give out some park homes advice.

To further that mission, Barry Weir is here to discuss some of the rights and obligations of park home owners. Now while Barry Weir understands that every park home site is going to have its own set of specific rules that park home owners must abide by, here are some general terms that park home owners are expected to comply with and some of the rights that they have.

Some basic rights that typically all park home owners are entitled to include:

  • A site owner cannot evict a park home resident without a court order
  • Park home residents are not to be harassed by their park site owner to the point where they feel pressured to give up their home
  • A park site owner cannot prevent a park home owner from selling their park home
  • When a park home owner decides to sell their home, a site owner cannot give them any false information that could interfere with that sale
  • A park home site owner cannot insist that prospective buyers be interviewed by them before being allowed to buy the home from the current park home owner
  • A park home site owner cannot give a park home owner a deadline to sell their home or put their home on the market themselves
  • Park home owners are allowed to use solicitors or real estate agents to sell their park home
  • A park home site owner cannot charge a park home owner any more than they are charged for amenities like gas, water, and electricity

Barry Weir urges you to keep in mind that the park site in which you choose to pitch your park home will have its own set of specific rules and conditions that will be laid out in documents that are provided to you by the site owner. A park home owner must agree to obey all of these site rules before they are allowed to move into their home.