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How to Save a Drowning Victim

Posted on March 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Seeing someone struggle for their life as they are drowning is a situation no one ever hopes to find themselves in. It’s tough for anyone to say how they would react unless they’ve actually experienced what it’s like to be in that moment.

But Barry Weir has an idea of what it takes to respond properly when someone is in distress, and that’s because he has done it. That’s right. Barry Weir once saved a man from drowning because of his bravery and quick response.

Barry Weir and his wife, Roma, were taking stroll down the beach one day in February 2010 when they noticed a man in a black suit frolicking in the surf. However, Barry quickly realized that the man was certainly not playing around—something wasn’t right. So Barry Weir sprang into action, first calling the coastguard with his cellphone and then diving into the frigid water himself to pull the drowning man out. Although the man later died from hyperthermia, it was the quick thinking of Barry Weir that prevented drowning from being his cause of death.

“It was just second nature, really,” Barry Weir has said of his heroic act.

Barry Weir realizes that type of response isn’t necessarily “second nature” to most people. However, he still believes it’s important to know what you should do if you come across a drowning victim like he did.

To help you be prepared for this kind of emergency situation, Barry Weir offers the following tips for saving a drowning victim:

  • Call for Help: Firs thing you should do is get help whether it’s notifying a lifeguard or calling 911. It is usually best to help professionals handle the situation if they are nearby and able to do so in a timely manner.
  • Remove Person from Water: If you are alone and emergency response is not nearby, the first thing you’ll want to do is take the person out of the water and get them and yourself somewhere safe.
  • Check Breathing: Lay the drowning victim on their back and place your ear next to their mouth and nose. This is so you can feel any air from their breath on your cheek. You can also look to see if the person’s chest is moving as a sign of whether or not they’re breathing.
  • Check Pulse: If the person you’re trying to save is not breathing, you’ll want to check to make sure they have a pulse. By either placing two fingers on the inside of the person’s wrist or their neck, check the person’s pulse for 10 seconds.
  • Perform CPR: If the person has no pulse AND you’re CPR certified, start performing CPR on the drowning victim until further help arrives.

Barry Weir Offers Advice for Decorating Your Park Home

Posted on February 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

When it comes to park homes, Barry Weir is a leading authority. That’s because Barry Weir’s park homes business was a great success and he is considered to be an expert on the Mobile Homes Act of 2013.

In a constant effort to spread his knowledge of park homes, Barry Weir often offers advice and tips on subjects pertaining to park home living, park home safety, and park home etiquette. To help further his cause, Barry Weir is here to discuss techniques for decorating park homes. If you’ve recently moved into a mobile home community, heed this advice from Barry Weir when it comes to your interior décor.

  • A simple way to make the most of your home décor is to move your seating away from walls. This kind of furniture setup tends to create a less formal setting and can be more inviting to your guests.
  • One of the biggest problems new park home owners run into is where to store some of their stuff, seeing as how many people who move into a mobile home are downsizing. One way to keep your items stored neatly so that your park home doesn’t seem cluttered is to buy plastic storage boxes that can be stowed away under beds or at the bottom of closets.
  • Use mirrors in your park home to create a more spacious appearance. Placing mirrors directly across from windows can brighten up a room and create a more open effect.
  • Don’t overdo it with furniture when decorating your park home. Sometimes with mobile homes less can be more. Space is typically limited in park homes so be sure to put some thought into what furniture you actually need and what its function and placement within your home will be.
  • Using lighter colors when painting your walls is one of the easiest ways to create a more stylish and open look within your park home. Rooms with light color walls appear larger and brighter, as well as make incorporating accessories like art work simpler.
  • Add some life to your place by having some plants in your park home. Plants and flowers not only give off a fresh, clean vibe, they also help add color, texture, and great smells to a room. Certain plants even give off a peaceful sense that helps improve the atmosphere of your park home.

Be sure to visit our blog again for more advice on park homes from Barry Weir.

Barry Weir Discusses Rights and Obligations of Park Home Owners

Posted on January 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

For those who no longer require a large family home or who just simply want to downsize and live in a community, owning a park home can be the best choice.

As a successful businessman who made his fortune in the park homes industry, Barry Weir is a leading authority on park homes and the U.K.’s Mobile Homes Act of 2013. Barry Weir is often consulted for his park homes knowledge and is always happy to give out some park homes advice.

To further that mission, Barry Weir is here to discuss some of the rights and obligations of park home owners. Now while Barry Weir understands that every park home site is going to have its own set of specific rules that park home owners must abide by, here are some general terms that park home owners are expected to comply with and some of the rights that they have.

Some basic rights that typically all park home owners are entitled to include:

  • A site owner cannot evict a park home resident without a court order
  • Park home residents are not to be harassed by their park site owner to the point where they feel pressured to give up their home
  • A park site owner cannot prevent a park home owner from selling their park home
  • When a park home owner decides to sell their home, a site owner cannot give them any false information that could interfere with that sale
  • A park home site owner cannot insist that prospective buyers be interviewed by them before being allowed to buy the home from the current park home owner
  • A park home site owner cannot give a park home owner a deadline to sell their home or put their home on the market themselves
  • Park home owners are allowed to use solicitors or real estate agents to sell their park home
  • A park home site owner cannot charge a park home owner any more than they are charged for amenities like gas, water, and electricity

Barry Weir urges you to keep in mind that the park site in which you choose to pitch your park home will have its own set of specific rules and conditions that will be laid out in documents that are provided to you by the site owner. A park home owner must agree to obey all of these site rules before they are allowed to move into their home.