World Blood Donor Day: Save a life

In any developing country, the supply of blood is very scarce despite of blood donations of 92 million on yearly basis. The World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14th June every year to spread awareness among people for donating blood.

There is a need for safe transfusion of blood and this highlights the importance of blood donation. This year, the theme of the campaign is “Thank you for saving my life”. This day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner that took place on 14th June, 1868.

He was first to distinguish different blood group and it has developed a modern system for classification of different blood groups.  Four main agency that sponsor this event are WHO, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Society of Transfusion of Blood and the International Federation of Blood Donor Organisation. This year, China will host the blood camp at the Shanghai Blood Centre. It is the responsibility of people to donate blood.

Many people need blood on occurrence of activities like accidents and surgeries.

About 800 women die due to pregnancy and childbirth. It is the biggest reason for maternal deaths and it can kill woman in just 2 hours if a doctor does not attend her. Urgent transfusion of blood is critical to save women lives. There are many blood disorders like sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia and haemophilia. Some innocent lives are lost due to shortage of blood and inconsistency in blood transfusion.