Things that can ruin you sleep and your day

You can sleep on the wrong side of your bed, and that is something you cannot control. Sometimes you can have a nightmare and feel grumpy whole day, which is also something you cannot control, but there are some things you can, that can only make your day better.

You should forget about the coffee and cigarettes as soon as you open your eyes. We know that most people simply adore drinking their morning coffee and light up their cigarettes when they wake up, but that is simply wrong.

This is wrong on so many levels because when you wake up, you need something that will lift you up, give you the necessary energy,  and if you drink your coffee, it will not be the real energy you need.

It will give you the false, ” artificial ” energy, which will make you feel cranky. So the best thing to do when you wake up, is to take a shower, wait for one hour and then consume your favorite drink.

Next, have a breakfast, and don’t be afraid to eat a hearty meal. Large, and at the same time healthy breakfast is really important.
This way you will energetic, and you will be able to deal with any exhausting and difficult things that every day brings.

Also, ignore your messages and e-mails as soon as you wake up. Don’t do it, cause it may ruin your day, in case you read something that will upset you.
Do your morning routine, give yourself some time, and then check your mailbox.